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Welcome to our new website! 

We are so excited to test a new paper-less membership application and conference registration process for 2020.  We will also be attempting to create additional content on this website, so we hope it will become a more useful resource for our members and conference attendees. 

One of the new features of this website, in addition to going paper-less, is that we will be posting our calendar here.  Right now, you can find the date, call-in credentials, and relevant information regarding upcoming committee meetings.  Feel free to register and attend these!

You’ll also notice that there’s some member-only content, like on our previous website.  However, in addition to the current and prior issues of The Circuit Courterly, members will also have access to a searchable list of all members with updated contact information.  We will also be starting a forum in the near future, which can be accessed and used in the members-only section. 

We’ve also added a FAQs page, which aims to address some of the most-asked questions regarding our association and the annual conference.  You can also find relevant documents linked here, including our governing bylaws. 

This site is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to me, Crystal M.Ecker2020 FTCSAA President.  

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